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The purpose of the Standards of Practice is to establish a minimum and uniform standard for private, fee paid home inspectors who are members of the American Society of Home Inspectors.  Home inspections performed to these Standards of Practice are intended to provide the client with information regarding the visible conditions of the systems and components of the home as inspected at the time of the Home Inspection.
The ASHI Code of Ethics details the core guidelines of home inspection professionalism and home inspection ethics.  Covering crucial issues such as conflicts of interest, good faith and public perception, these home inspection ethics are central pillars of home inspection professionalism for the entire industry.
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ASHI - American Society of Home Inspectors

Fresh Look Home Inspections are conducted in accordance with the standards and code of ethics established by the American Society of Home Inspectors ™ Inc. (ASHI).  ASHI is a not-for-profit professional society established in 1976.  Membership in ASHI is voluntary and its members include private, fee-paid home inspectors.  ASHI objectives include promotion of excellence within the profession and continual improvement of its members’ inspection services to the public.